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Congrats to our own Haley B

Proud Momma today!! Congrats to our own Haley for being selected as the Bravo Model of the Week!!! Thanks Papadakis Photography Melissa Emory Bravo Talent Mgmt for all your love and support it has been an amazing journey....can't wait to take on LA and NYC!!!

Name: Haley

Age: 12

Hometown: Algonquin, IL

How were you Discovered?

"I entered the talent competition for the Algonquin’s Got Talent and performed my solo dance to “Heart Cry”. It was so much fun and there were so many great acts, so I was super excited when they called my number and I had won. I remember I had to look down and double check that was my number called, thinking “Wait....that’s ME!!”. It was even more amazing when I found out I also was invited to shoot with Papadakis photography and was asked to meet with Bravo Talent Management. It has been such an incredible journey since then."

What were you doing prior to modeling?

"I spend a lot of my time dancing. Dance has always been a passion of mine since I was four. I am lucky to have trained and danced with some of the most amazing choreographers and dancers in the world.

People would be surprised to know?

"I am terrified of super high heights. BUT, it didn’t stop me from going to the top of the Shanghai Tower out to the glass floor observation deck. I did have to scoot on my hands and knees and sit in the middle of it for the pictures....but I did it..."

What is your latest obsession?

"Playing Volleyball. I tried out for our school team this season and made so many great friends with all my teammates. Looking forward to playing again next season."

What is your most prize possession?

"I have two. First is my “Ms. Junior” Dancer Midwest Championship crown. I have always dreamt since I was little that one day if I worked hard I would earn a title crown like I saw the older dancers I looked up to win. The second is my cat Elvis.....he’s awesome!!"

Growing up, who do you look up to as your hero?

"Definitely my older sister, Lexi. I have always looked up to her and all of her amazingness. She is 10 years older so when I was four I would follow her around at our dance competitions and try to turn like her, dance like her....basically be her. When I was little I would sneak in her room and dress up in her clothes and necklaces and play pretend that I was just like her. She is still my idol today even more as she just started her first job as an elementary special education teacher. Lexi inspires me to always be myself and proud of who I am every day."

When was the last time you said “I Love You” to someone?

"This morning to my Mom when she dropped us at school. My Grandma always tells us to tell the people you love you love them every day."

List 3 adjectives that best describe you?

"Quirky, Energetic, Dedicated"

Describe your personal style.....

"Hmmmmm.....Trendy meets Boho!! Love to put things together that most people would think don’t go and make it WERK."

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