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Spring into Dance we have 11 free class passes

Hi, it's Ms. Kim @ PDE!

As the blossoms of spring start to unfold, we are thrilled to introduce an array of dynamic dance classes that will have your little ones leaping into joy! At Pro Dance Elite, we believe in nurturing creativity and fostering a love for movement, and this spring, we have some exciting additions to our class lineup for kids ages 2 1/2 and up.

Explore New Rhythms: Breakdancing, hip hop, acro, jazz, and more! Our diverse range of classes is designed to ignite the passion for dance in every child. Whether your little one is a budding B-boy, a hip hop enthusiast, or dreams of graceful jazz movements, we have the perfect class to suit their interests and unleash their creativity.

Did You Know? Breakdancing Goes Olympic! This summer marks a historic moment as breakdancing makes its debut in the Olympics. We are proud to be at the forefront of this cultural movement and are excited to offer breakdancing classes for kids who want to channel their inner B-boys and B-girls. Your child could be the next dancing sensation inspired by the Olympic stage!

We have 11 free class passes left for March and wanted to reach out and see if you would like to come check out a class. If yes, just shoot us a text at 847-960-3334 and we can grab a spot.

Also look for our Summer Daze Craze starting Monday, March 11th launching our full line up of awesome Summer Camps.

Here are THREE of our NEW Classes starting March 1st:

Also, attaching Spring Schedule as well :) Hope to hear from you soon!!

Download PDF • 287KB

Dancingly Yours,

PDE Staff & Instructors

Pro Dance Elite Studios

2397 South Randall Road

Algonquin, IL 60102

847-458-2899 Studio Line

847-960-3334 Text Message


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